New* Happy Friendship day Whatsapp Status [2014] Wechat Free English Messages - Video

Happy friendship day whatsapp status for girlfriend, boyfriend, father, mother and best friend are listed below. You can send this friendship day sms, messages in English, hindi, german, Spanish for free. We Are Sharing Our Wallpapers Like Hell :)

Good Friends Are Hard to Find, Difficult to Leave, Impossible to Forget.

Nice friendship is Like The breathing air You Will Never See it But You Will Always Feel its Presence.

If You feel hollow, let Me be the one, who fills You up with Love. Let Me free the butterflies within. Just open Your heart, and let Me in.

words begin with A… B… C…
Numbers begin with 1… 2… 3…
Music begins with sa… re… ga…
But friendship begins with U & me

I love when i wake up and the first text i see on my cell is yours <3

Tounge has no bones but still it is strong enough to break a heart <3

Today sumthing amazing happened ! Again !
He became mine ! and i became HIS ! Again !

Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: "What! You too? I thought I was the only one."

You can hug your best friend tightly and say,
"I'm missing my love.."
You can’t hug your love
And say ... "I'm missing my best friend,"
There is more "LOYALTY" in friendship than love...

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Whatsapp for PC download (windows 7, 8.1, XP) Free 2014 How to Use on Laptop

The Whatsapp is the best chat messengers which we have been using and now there is a good news that Whatsapp is introducing a version in PC. The Whatsapp is most used to download chat messengers all over the world. If we are having a smart phone, we will be using Whatsapp on the phone. It is a cross platform messaging app which allows to send messages around the world. With Whatsapp we can send text messages and multimedia messages and more features are there. Here we will discuss about on how to download Whatsapp for PC.
There are 2 methods which can use to download Whatsapp and then install it in the computer. By using a Blue stacks player, we can download Whatsapp and install Whatsapp for PC.

Download Whatsapp by using Bluestacks App player

Blue stack is a good android emulator which helps in installing any android type of games and apps on the PC. This will be one of the best ways for installing Whatsapp for PC. Blue stack can be used for installing Whatsapp on a MAC. It works on operating systems like Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows 8. We should follow some steps for installing Whatsapp for PC using the Blue stacks.

Steps To Download

  • First download the Blue stacks. Here is the link for downloading the player.   
  • Then install it on the personal computer.
  • When the installation is completed, open the application of Blue stack.
  • The welcome screen will be showing more than 25 wanted apps.
  • Go to My Apps tab on the home screen and here we will be able to find the downloaded file in default.
  • Search for the Whatsapp on same screen.
  • The Search engine will be searching on the Google play and then on the Amazon app store.
  • We need to select any one of Whatsapp from the store.
  • We should click and install the Whatsapp for the PC version.
  • Then click to install on the My Apps tab.
  • We should open it by clicking and then we should agree the terms and conditions.
  • We should select our country and then we should enter our mobile number.
  • We must verify our mobile number by using an SMS verification code which will be sent to the mobile number by Whatsapp.
  • Then enter the code and the Whatsapp will be ready for using.
Download using the Wassapp program
  • First, we need to download the Wassapp program and here is the link for it.
  • Install and then login to it, if we are an existing user.
  • Then enter the mobile number and the password for the account with Wassapp.
  • Verify the Whatsapp account by using the SMS verification mode.
  • Then enter the code and then the Whatsapp will be working properly on the PC. 

Download Whatsapp for computer by using android

Earlier we mentioned on installing Whatsapp by using the Blue stacks method. Here we will discuss on how to install by using the android method.
  • When we have downloaded the android to the PC  we should open it.
  • We must connect to the Google plus account to it and then go to Google play store.
  • Then search for Whatsapp and download and install it on the PC.
  • We can easily use Whatsapp on the PC without any problems.
There will be a button which shows a menu and we must select the cloud connect. If we are already an Android user then select it and click next. Enter the details of the Google Play store account and register our name. Then select the show menu and display contact list option. Click again on show menu and then select the new contact. We can add the details of the new contact and click on done, if we have finished it.

Google Gravity | Tricks | 0 Zero Gravity | i am Feeling Lucky

Google gravity was a program which was developed in the year 2009 by an  American multinational company named Google. Mainly it was a search engine company which was coded by JavaScript. We cannot access it directly, because they have made many improvements and changes by the company later. The best way to access the Google gravity is via Google chrome.

Google Gravity
Google Gravity

How to access Google gravity  

  • Open the page and click Search and you can See the page like this. 

There are some good tricks and activities which is part of Google gravity programs. 

  • Google zero gravity
There are some items which we can throw which is like  fun. When we enter a vacuum and pick which we need and later when we just drops down flat once we release the cursor. It will look like this.
  • Anti Google gravity
In this effect, everything in the window looks like reversed or we can call it as a mirror image.  When we type the letters we can see exactly mirror images of them. 
  • Go to this web link, and we can see like this. 
  • Google gravity water
We can remember when we went for fishing and we were not able to hold the things properly and we kept dropping down in the water. This is the main thing which happens in this Google gravity water effect. When we type something it just drops in water. The company has discontinued this effect, but we can try it using the link.  

Google gravity poop:

 In this effect we can see that the Google homepage is getting destroyed. It starts with    the flies all around the page and a fly killing device like mosquito swatter bat can be seen hitting  spot where flies sit on the page. We will get hammers where we can smash and we can fire using guns and also we can throw a coffee cup spills all over the page. For more fun effects, we can visit the link 

Google gravity space:

We can see that this effect is more popular and it is more popular than other effects when we compare it. When we see this effect, everything on Google homepage will be in floating here and there. 

Google gravity sphere:

This effect looks like in spherical effect. Everything on the page will look like in spherical form. When we type the words, it turns into spherical form. This act, like a sphere or a ball. We can rotate it by using the cursor. 

Alternative method:

Open the internet browser and you must use a browser which does not have any Google instant results. When you attempt for this trick, Google populates the results when we type Google gravity in the search bar. We need to turn off instant results feature. Then sign in to the Google account and go to into the address bar. Under Google instant predictions, choose the option to never show instant results. Save changes at bottom of the page. Here is a screenshot on how doing it. 

Type into the address bar and this will go to Google main search engine. Type Google gravity in the search bar. Click I’m feeling lucky instead of Google search. We can see that the Google buttons will be coming crashing down at the bottom of the page. 
It will look like this. 

Google gravity tilts:

Go to and type tilt and press enter and we can see that Google homepage will be tilted downwards. When you attempt this trick, please be aware that sometimes it may affect your computer and home page will be tilted. Some of them has faced this problem when using this effect. 

Google Zero rush:

On Google search Zero rush and we can see the magic behind it. It looks like some simple games. The Zero eat Google search results and we need to kill them. This is a good trick which helps to forget all tensions when we start to playing it. Here is the screenshot of it. 

Let it snow Google:

This is really good trick and it will work very efficiently. For some people it is not working mainly because the adobe flash player is not upgraded. Let it snow Google gives snowflakes drop from display top. We can click on the Google magnifying glass for experiencing the snowy effect. Here is screenshot of it. 

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Happy Father's Day 2014 - Images Wallpapers Messages Sayings Quotes Songs Gifts and Much More

Father’s day is celebrated on June 15, 2014 mainly to honor fathers who have taken more responsibility for guiding the home life. This day we must celebrate fatherhood and the bonds between father and child is really good and in our society the father’s influence is needed in today’s most changing times of life. Many of the countries celebrate father’s day on the third Sunday in June. Father’s day is also celebrated on other days. 

Officially father’s day was celebrated on July 5 in the year 1908 in West Virginia. This was held in central united Methodist church. Grace Clayton lost his father during a mining disaster which killed 361 men and thousands of children was fatherless. Clayton suggested an idea to pastor Robert Thomas for honoring fathers. Then he chooses Sunday, which is nearest to the birthday of her father. 

Happy Father's Day 2014

Different Ways of Celebrating Father’s Day

  1. First, you can help your dad and tell him to take rest in the  morning and you must take in charge of the kitchen and prepare some good breakfast  for him.
  2. Bring a  newspaper which he needs to read in the bed.
  3. You make good coffee, which he needs.
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  1. Father’s day is a family event and take this opportunity to make family get together and let it be a fun day for your dad. Make sure you include all dads in your family and you can go to some beach or a local park for enjoying.
  2. Make this celebration an activity by taking to family picnic or enjoy a family barbecue.
  3. Take your dad to favorite sport which he likes the most.
  4. Do fishing together with your dad.
  5. Travel either through plane or train and enjoy your day.
  6. Make some gifts for your father and let it be a creative one. Expensive or other familiar gifts are not needed, but you can create your own gift by creating personalized tribute to your father and it will be widely appreciated.
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  1. Bake a cake for your father and enjoy the day.
  2. You will be knowing your father’s favorite dinner and you will cook his favorite dinner on that day.
  3. Create a  gift  basket which is filled with candles which are homemade and cookies or crosswords or some puzzles which are created by your own ideas.
  4. If you are an artist then you can draw pictures of your dad from your memory.
  5. Write a Poem or a song which appreciates the fatherhood.
  6. You must remember the importance of a dad in the life, because fathers job is difficult one and they are responsible for half of our financial and emotional for the family. A short speech or a card which describes your love to him will remembered by your dad. If your family together is there, then you can create a handmade card for your father.
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  1. Ask your siblings and tell them to explain why their dad is important in their life.
  2. Make this day a memorable one by showing your love and it will make him that you are proud of him. For many of the fathers, the most important thing is that the children love you and their knowledge as a child makes them to lead to a successful path for their future. Copying the things is good, if you are having good dad who can solve your problems in life.
  3. Make an  audio recording where your father tells a joke or story or even laughing will be good. Every year make it as a timetable for listening to it and you can write down the important things which come to your mind.
  4. Make some notes or lessons which your father has taught and make a handmade book and you can complete it with your own writings. You can keep it on the shelf in the family library.
  5. Use your camera for taking a good family moment or you can go through the family photos and you can talk about the stories which your dad has taught for you.


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World Environment Day 2014 - Theme Activities History Slogans Essay

Every year on June 5 the world environment day is celebrated for raising the general awareness on positive environmental action for protecting the earth and the nature. Mainly this program is run by the united nations environment program.

This program was developed and created by the united nations general assembly in the year 1972 and from that day onwards the conference on human environment started. In the year 1973 the world environment day was first celebrated. Then each year it is celebrated in a different theme. The world environment day begins in the northern hemisphere and ends in the southern hemisphere. In the tropical regions, it is in midsummer.

Endorsements of celebrities:

The celebrities and the media have taken commitments in celebrating world environment day by signing up the endorsements and taking part in it. The goodwill ambassadors like model Gisele Bundchen are giving an sos for taking part in the world environment day and thereby joining a team for combating climate change. They give messages to individual people for joining any of the celebrities and make a difference by taking pledges for supporting the world environment day. 

Events related with world environment day:

From the year 2007 onwards the Eco action day is celebrated in Singapore for inspiring the individual people for reducing the energy use of the workplace. 

World environment day- anthem

The anthem named earth anthem was developed by the poet Abhay K and this anthem was launched in the year 2013 June on the occasion of world environment day by the ministers Kapil Sibal and Shashi Tharoor. This was a function organized by the Indian council of cultural relations in New Delhi. The anthem was launched in eight languages which includes official languages of united nations like Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian, Spanish. The two other languages were Hindi and Nepali. 

Theme related with world environment day

The 2014 theme for the world environment day is small islands and climate change and this is a theme which we will focus on this year. The official slogan for 2014 year raises your voice not the sea level. 

World environment day activities

The major focus of this year's theme is to make changes in our household level. You can make awareness of small things like you can talk to your children in the family or you can speak to your colleagues in your locality and you can inform every person about this year's theme about the environment day. 

Awareness  is spreading

The major focus of this year's theme is to make changes in our household level. You can make awareness of small things like you can talk to your children in the family or you can speak to your colleagues in your locality and you can inform every person about this year's theme about the environment day. 

Building  small  farm  and  garden

It is difficult to find good space in cities, but if you are having one, then you can make small farm and garden. We can plant various fruits and vegetables. We can understand about the different seeds and plants and how to take care of it properly. We can create a garden and we can grow plants and flowers. By doing this you can  love the nature. If someone doesn't have enough space, then can tell them to start sapling or potato in a bag or make a small garden on the terrace. 

Use public transport

Use public transportation on the world environment day and tell other people also to use the public transport. If you are already using public transport, then you can walk some distances and you can introduce the concept of public transport to your family and to your friends. Cycle is the best medium for getting a good exercise and thereby you will have good health. 

Make it public

If you have done anything about world environment day, then you can make a talk about it. You can share the pictures on Face book, Twitter. Make the people to know what you are planning to do it on the world environment day. You can invite your friends by giving an invitation from Face book. Use twitter tags for spreading your message easily. 

World environment day quotes

  • Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has- By Margaret Mead
  • Keep close to nature’s heart and break clear away, once in a while and climb a mountain or spend a week in the woods. Wash your spirit clean- by John Muir
  • Thank God men cannot fly, and lay waste the sky as well as the earth- by Henry David Thoreau.
  • People blame their environment. There is only one person to blame and only one- themselves. By Robert Collier.
  • Conservation is a state of harmony between men and land. 

World environment day slogans

  • Save earth, this is the only planet with girls. 
  • Green economy, does it include you? The World. 
  • Treat me well and keep me clean. 
  • Keep your world clean and green. Save trees, save the environment. Clean city, green city, happy world. 

World environment day speech

Good morning dear friends and respected teachers. Today all of you know that we are celebrating world environment day. In our school we have kept this program. Today am giving you a speech on world environment day. 

The world environment day is celebrated worldwide every year under the leadership of united nations for making a public awareness of the environment. In recent times, need for promoting our earth friendly practices for maintaining a good health of our planet has arrived. Most of the world nations struggle to reverse the current condition of climate change. World environment day is alert for making gratefulness to mother nature which sustains all forms of life. Conservation and protection of the environment and love for nature have always been part and parcel of Indian ethos and culture. By this am concluding my speech. Have a good day ahead. 

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HSC Results 2014 News: Maharashtra HSC results of year 2014 has been declared.

Millions of students from Maharashtra are awaiting for Maharashtra State Board HSC results which is supposed to be declared in May. Though there is no any official announcement done from official Maharashtra State Board, students are expecting that results will be out in end of this May. These results of HSC will be announced on official website of Maharashtra State Board HSC that is Want To Download Whatsapp For PC and you can check your result by providing your seat number details.

About Maharashtra HSC Exams of 2014

Maharashtra Board HSC has conducted exams of around 15 lakhs students from 20 February 2014 to 26 March 2014 successfully. They have also started counseling facilities for students so that it will become easier for students to take further admissions. This is really amazing step up by Maharashtra Board and students will definitely love this counseling facility. If you have any problems regarding this facility then you can directly write to them via email and they will be able to solve your all queries via same. Thus, these HSC exams of 2014 were really as expected and students have great expectations from HSC result 2014 as well. Hope that everyone will good marks and will be able to get into college that he/she want for further studies.

HSC Results 2014

HSC Result 2014 Date

As said above, Maharashtra Board haven’t disclosed any information with anyone regarding HSC results 2014 dates but some medias said that it is expected that results will be out in last week of this May. Now all you can do is just one thing and that is "Wait". Students are getting desperate to see their results but they should have patience to see their results now. As soon as we get any news about HSC result 2014 dates, we'll keep you updated with the same.

Website for HSC Result 2014

As per last year, Maharashtra Board will announce their HSC result of year 2014, on their official website and students will be able to see their results at same place. You need to enter b your examination number details in order to see your results and take printout of the same.

Steps to Check Your HSC result 2013

Step 1 : You have to open the MSBSHSE websites

Step 2 : Select option HSC Examination Result March 2014.
Step 3 : Enter your seat number and hit Submit.
Step 4 : Your result will be displayed on your monitor. You can take print out of the same.

How to Check HSC result 2014 on Mobile

Well if you want HSC result 2014 to be delivered on your mobile, then you have to take help of third part web-app called They have provided such an awesome service to see your examination results online that too free of cost. All you need to do is just register your mobile number here and you'll be notified when results are out. Hope you enjoyed this article about HSC results 2014 and wish you best luck for your result and future.

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CBSE Results 2014 10th,12th | Dates | Rank | Name Wise | Roll No.

The CBSE is maintaining a good school education that makes an excellent in every part of human life. The CBSE board is having a commitment to give good quality education for promoting good social responsibility among the students. They are working for the development of a good learning environment and thereby produces a good future leader of the country and as well as for
the society. The Board maintains continuous evaluation for understanding the development of students. They are providing a good stress life surroundings for developing good confident and commitment students. 

Objectives of board

Maintaining  good  academic  activities  for  giving  good  stress  free  life  for  students  and  thereby  gives  good  quality  education  for  the  students.  Maintain  the  academic  activities  by  taking  feedback from  the  different  people  and  as  well  as  monitor  and  analyze  the  quality  of  the  education.  Developing  different  rules  for  the  academic  activities  which includes  the  quality  of  the  education  and  also  control  different  program  arranged  by  the  board.  Monitor  the  academic  activities  and  supervise  the  agencies  which  deal  directly  with  the  board.  Discover  new  teaching  methods  for  getting  academic  excellence  and also  maintain  social  principles  which  need  for  the  development.  Promote  the  schools  which  give the   document  to  parents  for  understanding  the  performance  of  students  in  the  school  and  develop  a  friendly  approach  with  them.  
  Develop  new plans  for  getting  good  quality    education  and  also  maintain  the  consistency  in  education  by  forming  new  goals.  Organize  different  programs  for  maintaining  the  knowledge  of  teachers  and  also  help  the  teachers  in updating  their  knowledge  which  helps  them  in  their  career  life.  

Formation of CBSE Board

The CBSE knows as central board of secondary education was developed in the year 1929 which is a large educational board in the field of secondary education in India. There are more than 15,000 affiliated schools in India and also in 24 countries around the world. 

Affiliation of the board

The CBSE schools follow a unique curriculum with a good scheme of studies for maintaining needs of the each student. The schools are located in different geographical locations and schools under the CBSE board gets some privileges in the curriculum or in examinations or developing new ideas in academics.  
For maintaining good administration and also to get information access and needed time is very important. For that the CBSE board reaches out to the public which includes parents and national and international committee. The affiliation of the schools is maintained by the board and it is given by on-line. For getting provisional affiliation, the institution heads need to go through the website of the board and register with it and then fill the school history in the form and then submit to the board for getting the affiliation. 

Management training for teachers

The CBSE board has been in constant touch with principals and teachers of school for maintaining the mandate which was signed by the management. The training program has been conducted throughout the country for improving professional development of principals and teachers. There is one or two days compulsory program for teachers which is conducted as mentioned by the board. There is two or three days training program for principals which is mentioned by the board. 

Continuous and comprehensive evaluation

The continuous and comprehensive evaluation relates to system of assessment done by the schools for students to know about the development of each student. This comprehensive evaluation is done to maintain continuous evaluation, which is done throughout the year and to understand the behavior of the students. 


Helping the students to maintain good skills which will be helpful for their overall development. To give more importance for their memory skills and appreciate them for their skills. Maintain an evaluation, which will be helpful for learning process. Maintain achievements of students by accessing through evaluation and bring new learning strategies on a regular basis. For maintaining the quality, use evaluation a medium for it. Understand the effectiveness of social approach in the program so that it will help the students to learn in a good environment. Making the teaching process easy and helpful for teachers and students. 
The evaluation must be done in appropriate areas in different subjects. The students must achieve a level in different subject areas. Develop the skills of students by promoting his interest and attitudes towards learning. Understand the students and lead good healthy life. The continuous evaluation must be done for monitoring the changes in the student’s behavior and should report the progress of the student at the correct time. Understand the different situations happening in the school compound and outside and apply in the correct situations. Always work independently for knowing the strength of the person. Always aware of the environmental and social issues happening around. Participate in social activities and projects and maintain a high standard. Retain what is needed for learning and apply it and promote social responsibility of the students. 

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